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Information about the business location Handewitt

With excellent transport links, the municipality of Handewitt stands out as a business location of particular importance for the Flensburg/Schleswig region. Around 350 commercial enterprises operate in the district of Handewitt alone. Handewitt's convenient location on the B 199 federal highway between Niebüll and the adjacent regional center of Flensburg, as well as the north-south connection between Hamburg and the border to Denmark via the adjacent A7 autobahn, make this location especially interesting for companies willing to settle here in the future.
A wide variety of industrial, commercial and trading companies have been able to establish themselves here. Today, building and civil engineering companies, production companies, handicraft businesses, bus companies, trading companies as well as banks, savings banks and a multitude of other service companies are located in the municipality, offering many employees a secure job.

The WEG business park, which was created in cooperation between the independent city of Flensburg and the municipality of Handewitt, is a model cooperation between the two local authorities to provide companies with development areas in the future. Flensburg and Handewitt jointly develop, market and manage an approx. 100-hectare commercial area in the municipality of Handewitt as part of the "Wirtschaftsentwicklungsgemeinschaft Flensburg/Handewitt" (WEG) special-purpose association.
The development area is characterized by its very good road connections in an upper-central location.
The city center of Flensburg is only 7 km away, which makes the commercial area interesting for Flensburg companies as well. In the meantime, the first approx. 3 hectare area has been well accepted by companies of various orientations. Eight companies, ranging from furniture makers to printers, construction companies to funeral homes and fence manufacturers, will create nearly 100 jobs.
An adjacent area of approx. 9.5 hectares has been developed in direct extension of the street Gewerbepark since the year 2000 and is being sold rapidly. In the next planning stage is an area in the triangle "Lecker Chaussee", BAB A7 and B 199, in the immediate vicinity of the freeway, with approx. 6 ha net commercial area.
Scandinavian companies in particular should feel addressed by the offer. Particularly as a "Scandinavian gateway", Handewitt offers the ideal location for companies, e.g. from the transport industry, in direct proximity to the border and the freeway.

The commercial enterprises located in the district of Handewitt employ more than 700 workers. The basic offer is supplemented by a number of service companies, so that the municipality of Handewitt can show itself with a well-rounded variety of offers.

The districts of Jarplund and Weding offer a full range of services for their inhabitants. Food, retail, gastronomy and handicraft enterprises are available in many places. Commercial focal points are located on Europastrasse, where a large office building with well-known companies has been newly erected, in Altholzkrug and in the Heideland industrial park.
Freight forwarders and furniture dealers have their headquarters in the Altholzkrug industrial park, which is rich in tradition; a large, well-known garden market has expanded there and kitchens are sent on their way from there.
Almost 50 companies have settled in the Heideland industrial park on a total of 21 hectares, providing about 400 jobs. A comprehensive range of goods and services is offered, ranging from handicrafts and energy-saving houses to the manufacture of semiconductors and control systems, printed matter and elevator baskets. Three car dealerships can be found and 11 other companies in the service sector around the motor vehicle. Of course, the skilled trades are also well represented in the Heideland industrial park.
Weding is the headquarters of the "Danish Bed Warehouse", a specialized retailer recognized throughout Europe.
Since 2001, 9 hectares of additional commercial land have been available in the expanded Heideland industrial park, which is almost sold out. Thus, companies find good opportunities for expansion and settlement.

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With the "Handewitter Interessengemeinschaft Selbständiger e.V." (H.I.S.), an imaginative and strong trade and business association has established itself at the location, which sustainably represents the interests for the benefit of the affiliated commercial enterprises and companies at the location.