Invitation to the event "Volunteer Caretaker

We invite all interested Handewitt*innen to an information and participation event on 16.02.23 from 18:00-20:00 clock in the rooms of the sports and recreation home Jarplund Zum Sportplatz 9 in Handewitt. We look forward to an exchange with interested parties, volunteers and representatives of clubs from Handewitt to fill a concept for the "Ehrenamtskümmerer" in Handewitt with life. The honorary office experiences a change in these times and the goal is to strengthen the honorary office in Handewitt. For this reason, the municipality has decided to establish a "volunteer agency" together with the guardian angel. In the event we would like to find out together, which topics are in the foreground for Handewitt citizens. This could be, for example, the recruitment of "new blood", mediation between main and honorary office, a neighborhood assistance and a support for all volunteers. U.A.w.g. please under until 13.02.23