Handewitt town center

New local center takes shape

The aerial photographs shown give an impression of the future structural changes in the area of the new town center in Handewitt. The new community center is to be built in the middle of the "core of Handewitt". Furthermore, another building block will be erected directly at the new market place, which will create a place for trade and services as well as residential offers. In addition to a coherent architecture and the "creation of a connection with the Wiesharder Markt", the municipality of Handewitt wants a lively local center with a high quality of stay for the citizens.

The construction of a new medical center in the northern area of the site and the creation of housing and a service building in the southern area of the town center by VR Bank Westküste will also contribute to this (see overview map)

09.03.The attached short films provide an overview of the planning status of the individual construction projects in the overall area of the Handewitter town center.

Overview map


The following short films (presentations) were recorded at the meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee on 09.03.2022.