Land tender terraced houses

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We are pleased to draw your attention to the land tender' residential area Wiesharder Markt - terraced houses, which is now tendered and has just been published. Against this background, we would like to provide you with the basic information and also refer to the further link to the digital project space below.


Project title
Residential area Wiesharder Markt - terraced houses

Issued by the
municipality of Handewitt

represented by the

Building Authority - Mr. Pantel
Fachdienst 2 - Bau/ Planung/ Ordnung
Hauptstraße 9
24983 Handewitt

Occasion and objective
The municipality of Handewitt is currently developing the new residential area Wiesharder Markt in order to meet the demand for housing and to qualify the housing market. In this process, it is intended to sell plots of land in the development, which are intended for terraced house construction.

Basis of the procedure and subject matter of the tender
The investor selection procedure is carried out as a concept award procedure according to the best-bid principle with subsequent submission of bids. The subject of the tender are the marketing units 33-35 and 51-53. Bids can be submitted for up to six construction sites (marketing units).

Utilization concept
In the sense of age-appropriate living, the terraced houses are intended to enable older people to live a barrier-free and self-determined life. In order to meet this requirement, the specifications for barrier-free living must be met. On the other hand, the bidders should also consider other qualities, such as possible community offerings that generate additional added value.

The bidders are encouraged to present innovative projects and to interpret the row houses in a modern and innovative way. It would be conceivable to develop typologies that (stacked) enable and can accommodate intergenerational living. It can also be examined whether barrier-free access to the upper floors can be ensured via centrally organized access (elevator systems) and arcades.

Announcement of the procedure from 03. week 2023
Provision of bidding documents from 16.01.2023
Deadline for submission of queries by 26.01.2023 (12:00 h)
Deadline for submission of bids by 24.04.2023 (12:00 h)
Award decision expected 21. week 2023

Activation to the digital project room
The dates and general conditions of the investor selection process as well as all required documents and attachments are made available in a project room on the website


Thank you very much and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.