"Blackout" - preparation and behavior in case of emergency

Imagine if the power were to fail from one moment to the next.

Not just for a few minutes, but for hours, days, weeks....

Very few people are aware of how dependent we all are on electricity - as long as the invisible energy continues to flow from the socket. The risk of a long-lasting and widespread power outage (blackout) is very low in Germany. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be prepared. Not only computers, refrigerators, washing machines and other everyday appliances, almost our entire infrastructure depends on electricity.

The Flensburger Tageblatt writes on 07.12.2022 in a press article on the subject of power failure in the area of SH Netz as the largest network operator in Schleswig-Holstein:

"At SH Netz, we're no longer ruling anything out. "We're preparing for it as best we can," says Benjamin Merkt (42), board member for grid technology." These precautions that SH Netz is taking should also apply to private households. The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) recommends that every individual should prepare themselves so that they can manage without outside help for a few days. To this end, the BBK has drawn up a list of items that no household should be without.

One piece of good news is that, as things stand at present, it is assumed that the Wasserverband Nord will be able to secure the drinking water supply for approx.10 days. However, this does not apply to wastewater disposal. This is not expected to function.

We as a municipality are also preparing for the possibility of a "blackout". In the event of a crisis, a crisis team will meet in the administration building at Hauptstraße 9 in Handewitt after approximately 6 hours of power failure and will be on duty 24/7. In addition, the fire stations will be staffed with emergency personnel in the same manner. These locations are supplied with emergency power so that communication to the rescue service, fire department and police is ensured.

You as a citizen, or others seeking help, can obtain information and report emergencies here. For self-preparedness, we have excerpted some tips from the BBK's guidebook "Emergency Preparedness" for you below.

Further information can be found at www.bbk.bund.de. Information material is available for free download or also with ordering option

Our appeal to you: "Help us, please also take care!"