Equal Opportunity Officer

Equal opportunity commissioner of the municipality of Handewitt


The Equal Opportunities Officer of the municipality of Handewitt works on a voluntary basis and is the contact person for all residents as well as for the employees of the municipal administration.

You are welcome to contact the Equal Opportunities Officer at

- if you would like to obtain information,
- if you would like to draw attention to disadvantages faced by women or men, e.g. in working life,
- need help in asserting your rights,
- have criticism to voice or would like to make constructive suggestions,
- want to initiate a women's project and need help and support for this,
- are looking for contacts to women's groups, organizations, institutions and facilities in the region,
- need personal counseling,
- have been affected by psychological and/or physical violence and need help,
- would simply like to get to know the Equal Opportunities Officer in your community.

My task is to listen, to obtain and pass on information within the scope of my possibilities and, if necessary, to refer to a suitable organization for concrete assistance.


Every 1st Thursday of the month in the time from 16:30 to 17:30.
In addition, you are also welcome to make an individual appointment.
During the vacations there are no office hours in the administration.

Of course, questions and concerns are treated confidentially. All consultations are free of charge.