Twin town Salacgrīva

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Freundeskreis Salacgrīva-Handewitt e. V.
Bernd Rehmke (Chairman)
Erlengrund 5
24976 Handewitt
Phone: 04630 1211

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Since 1990 the former Amt Handewitt with its municipalities Handewitt and Jarplund-Weding maintain friendly relations with the town Salacgrīva in Latvia.

On 09 June 2004 the mayors Dagnis Straubergs (Salacgrīva/Latvia), Horst Andresen (Handewitt), Bernd Rehmke (Jarplund-Weding) as well as the head of the office Arthur Christiansen signed a partnership agreement.

This partnership was of course continued after the merger of the municipalities of Handewitt and Jarplund-Weding as well as the dissolution of the Amt Handewitt on March 01, 2008.

In addition a report from the "Flensburger Tageblatt" from 10 June 2004:

Finally wedding after 14 years of engagement

Yesterday, the municipality of Handewitt and Jarplund-Weding signed a partnership agreement with the Latvian municipality of Salacgrīva. This was preceded by 14 years of friendly contact, driven by the association "Freundeskreis Salacgrīva".

"I am proud and happy that I was allowed to be best man when this partnership was sealed," said the president of the state parliament, Heinz-Werner Arens, in his speech. Shortly before, the mayor of the Latvian municipality of Salacgrīva had signed the deeds of partnership between their municipalities with Handewitt's head of the district Arthur Christiansen and the mayors of the municipalities of Handewitt and Jarplund-Weding, Horst Andresen and Bernd Rehmke. "To stay in the picture: During the 14-year engagement," Arens continued, "the partners had enough time to get to know each other well. Now they have officially sworn allegiance to each other."

Bernd Rehmke recalled the beginning of the partnership relations with the Latvian community of 6,000 inhabitants: "Fourteen years ago, our pastor called for donations for the village, which had been battered by a harsh winter. Then, at the beginning of 1991, the first aid transport started." In 1992, the association "Freundeskreis Salacgrīva" was founded. "Many friendships have developed as a result," reported Dagmar Rühmer, a member of the board. "Now it is important that the business community is also involved." With Salacgrīva's mayor Dagnis Straubergs, a 50-member delegation therefore came to Schleswig-Holstein. The Latvian guests, among them 20 young members of a folk dance group, will visit business enterprises in the Handewitt district as well as schools and social institutions. "Together, we want to explore the question of how German and Latvian companies can benefit together from the expansion of the European market," said Amt Head Arthur Christiansen.