Chronicle & Community Archive

Chronicle & Community Archive

The Amts-Chronik, which was reissued in 2013, can be purchased at a price of €29.50 each from the municipal treasury.

In addition, the chronicle of the school Weding is available at a price of 10.00 €.

The chronicle of the former municipality Jarplund-Weding as well as the chronicle of the parish Handewitt are unfortunately sold out. However, they are included as data carriers in the new Amts-Chronik.

Chronicle sales:
Municipal treasury
Phone: 04608 9040-0
Fax: 04608 9040-30
Room: 4

Responsible for the municipal archive is:

Ms. Sabine Radtke
Education & Social Affairs
Hauptstraße 9
24983 Handewitt
Phone: 04608 9040-34
Fax: 04608 9040-30
Room: 11

Information on the municipal archive:

The municipal archive of the municipal administration is the memory of the municipality of Handewitt and the former Amt Handewitt.

Volunteers in the archive group of the municipality of Handewitt are:

Mr. Jürgen Kühn, Mr. Manfred Hansen and Mrs. Ilse Scholz

Please send inquiries to the following e-mail: