Riding and walking trails

Riding and walking trail network Handewitt

The release of the trails described in more detail below last week has once again made our community a bit more attractive. In the immediate vicinity of residential buildings, keeping these paths, which have been designed and left close to nature, available for equestrian sports and pedestrian use for as long as possible requires respectful interaction between users. To this end, the municipality would like to ask you, dear citizens, once again to observe the rules of conduct that have also been brought to your attention.

"High on horseback", or as a pedestrian, with and without four-legged friends, as a jogger, walker or enjoying stroller, this togetherness should succeed.

The municipality will work within the scope of its possibilities to further plan and expand the network of paths now started into the local districts and also to link them across regions.

However, we also ask users to comply with and consider the given safety instructions.

In some places there are busy roads to cross. Certainly, every road user takes part in road traffic primarily on his own responsibility. However, both for the equestrian with the signs "Dismount, lead horse", as well as for the road user on the roads, the appropriate warning signs and notices are set up to minimize hazards at the necessary crossing points and avoid as far as possible.

The wayposts themselves are numbered and marked on the map. On the back of the signs on the posts there are stickers or inscriptions with this numbering. This makes it easier for you to find your way around in the event of an accident, or for helpers to identify the location. However, it is also advisable to know for oneself where one is currently moving and staying, e.g. between two markers.

The card(s) are available at the rescue control center in Harrislee.

In the near future (as of 4. Quart. 2017), the numbered trail system will also be available via www.Equis.SH, the equestrian trail network in Schleswig-Holstein.

We wish all users a lot of fun on the trails.

Thomas Rasmussen