Kulturring Handewitt e. V.

Kulturring Handewitt e. V.

Dear citizens of the municipality of Handewitt,

here you will find information about the activities of our Kulturring. The Kulturring Handewitt e.V. was founded in 1986 and registered as an association. It emerged from the Ortskulturring, which had existed only in name.

Today, more than 60 clubs, associations and institutions from the municipality of Handewitt are members of the Cultural Ring, and the clubs retain their respective independence to the fullest extent.

In this respect, Kulturring Handewitt e.V. is a public institution for cultural and further education work in the municipality of Handewitt. This includes, among other things, offering courses and seminars for further education, promotion of art and culture, especially in the areas of music, literature, performing and visual arts.

The Kulturring also tries, within the limits of its possibilities, to promote mutual understanding among the associations and to take the initiative in organizing events of general importance for the community, such as the Christmas Market or the May Festival.

Our thanks go to the clubs and the municipality of Handewitt for supporting our work.


Frank Heidenreich

1. chairman

P.O. Box 41
24981 Handewitt
Telf: 04608-8429097
mail: kulturring-handewitt@e-mail.de
Web: www.kulturring-handewitt.de

2nd Chairperson: Anja Heidenreich
Treasurer: Anita Geppert
Assessor: Lothar Kroll
Management: Cordula Plagemann
Cultural committee chairman: Per Wietz
Youth guardian (T.o.J.): Kai Boisen